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Irishtown coach Mat Walker and Forest Stanley coach Cameron Lockett are preparing for their sides to go head-to-head this Saturday in the fight for the Circular Head Football Association premiership title. Picture: Leanne Everett. 

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CHFA. Irishtown and Forest Stanley will go head-to-head in the Circular Head Football Association Grand Final this weekend. 

Following a Preliminary Final victory over Scotchtown, Forest Stanley have the chance to secure a fourth consecutive premiership title. All that stands in the side’s way is Irishtown. 

Battling fierce gusts and scattered showers throughout the final at Stanley on Saturday, no more than eight goals were recorded throughout the day’s proceedings. 

In the Seniors, the home side secured one goal and three points by the main break while the Tigers had managed the equivalent of just one major in points.

The action amped up in the second half as Josh Stewart, John Innes-Smith and Kieren Baldock provided a strong stand for Scotchtown to push into attack, entering the final quarter with a seven point lead. 

Forest Stanley secured two swift majors in the fourth, unanswered by Scotchtown, as Cameron Lockett, James Jackson and Marty Hardy rallied the Demons. 

A fifth goal from a Demons boot sealed the game, 5.8.38 to 3.9.27.

Ahead of the premiership showdown, Irishtown coach Mat Walker said he looks to finish the season strong. 

“Our plan of attack is to have the highest score at the end of the day,” he said. 

“We like to go into every game pretty confident.” 

In fighting to retain the title for a fourth year, Forest Stanley coach Cameron Lockett said the focus will be on a four-quarter effort.

“Our season has been solid but availability of players (work and injury) has been a challenge,” he said.

“We will need to be at our best to beat Irishtown as they are the side to beat all year, but we have done it before.”

In the Reserves, a similar story played out as the Tigers took the first quarter with a two point lead followed by a one point margin at the main break. 

The goals followed in the third quarter as the Demons edged ahead for a 10 point margin at the last break before completing the game with a 4.11.35 to 3.5.23 win. 

In the Under 17 game, Irishtown played in a strong win ahead of Scotchtown, 4.8.32 to 1.4.10. 

The Under 14 premiership place went to Forest Stanley after defeating Irishtown, 4.7.31 to 1.4.10. 

The Circular Head Football Association Grand Final will be held this Saturday (August 25) at the Smithton Recreation Ground where Irishtown and Forest Stanley will fight for the title in the Seniors and Reserves. Irishtown and Redpa will play for the Under 17 premiership and Forest Stanley and Redpa will match up in the Under 14 game.

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