HEUCHERA [yoo-ker-a]

With real value in a garden for easy care, colour, neatness and ornamentation, the small mounding habit of the perennial Heuchera or ‘coral bells’ is hard to beat.

Belonging to the Saxifragaceae family, they originated in North America and some species were used medicinally by the Native American people.

Only growing to around 45-centimetres tall, the lush clumps can have ruffled, smooth, heart shaped or wavy foliage in hues of purple, rose, greens, amber, bronze or gold.

The purple-leaved varieties will stand full sun as in lots of garden plants while the other colours are more suited to partial or full shade.

Growing in full shade will slow the growth of the plant down.

These plants will rot if soil remains wet for long periods so a well drained, enriched soil is

required for them to flourish along garden paths, in containers or anywhere to add interest or a splash of colour to the garden. Small blooms along wiry stems begin appearing in late spring and will continue into the autumn.

Clumps can be divided after three to four years or when they lose their growing vigour.

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