Future of the Tarkine

The logging article in the Circular Head Chronicle on Thursday March 2 (Canopy vigil ahead of logging) fails to inform us on the following question: Are these coupes being clear-felled or will they be selectively logged?

Many of us are appalled at the clear-felling and monoculture practices of the logging industry which rape and destroy everything in its way. Clear-felling and monoculture is a third world practice and tourists are alarmed and cannot comprehend that this is still happening in Tasmania.

There are unfortunately at this stage not enough alarmed residents who could think of their future generations enjoying the beauty of the Tarkine as they have in their youth.

The question to the logging industry for all over Tasmania and which is asked by many older generation ex-loggers: ‘Why not return to the sustainable practices of selective logging which provides for the building of beautiful furniture or flooring?’

Name withheld, Stanley

Note from the Editor: According to Forestry Tasmania, the harvesting prescription for the coupes is ‘aggregated retention’. In variable retention systems, such as aggregated retention, forest influence (the harvested area is able to be self-sown from retained trees) must be retained over the majority of the harvested area.


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