First round clashes

In round one of the Circular Head Football Association season, Scotchtown hosted Irishtown for a memorial match in memory of past player Josh Stein. The Under 14 competition began the twilight proceedings where Tigers player Nathan Morgan-French and Canaries player Nash Walker clashed at the mark. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

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CHFA. The Under 14 competition kicked off round one of the Circular Head Football Association season on Saturday.

Scotchtown hosted Irishtown in Smithton where the home side held their opponents scoreless in the first quarter to notch one goal and six points themselves in the junior competition. The Canaries hit out in the second quarter with three goals to no response from the Tigers. 

The easterly goal posts proved to be the kicking end as Scotchtown drew closer to Irishtown, edging ahead by four points at the final turn. Ultimately, Irishtown claimed the points with a 5.6.36 to 9.2.56 victory. 

Meanwhile, Redpa dominated on their home ground with an uncontested seven goal win against Forest Stanley. 

The Redlegs booted three majors and one behind in the first quarter followed by two goals and two points in the second. The side reach 7.4.46 at three-quarter time when the Demons stepped up to prevent Redpa from stretching out further, however failed to hit the target themselves. 

In the Under 17 action, Redpa recorded a success against Forest Stanley, booting four goals and seven points in the opening quarter before a further six goals and nine points in the second. 

The Redlegs recored another four majors and two behinds in the third to lead by an uncontested 102 points. 

Forest Stanley stepped up in the final quarter to prevent Redpa from stretching the margin too far, letting only two goals slip by while one ball made it through the points posts, finishing the game 16.23.119 to one point. 

Irishtown dominated the first three quarters of the game against Scotchtown with a lead of 10.11.71 to zero at the final break. The Tigers earned their stripes in the last quarter as the side rallied for a final score of 2.2.14 to 12.11.83.

The Reserves games were a little less one sided as both Forest Stanley and Irishtown claimed away game victories. 

Meeting with Redpa, Forest Stanley trailed by one goal at the first break before overshadowing their opponents by four goals at half time. 

Both Forest Stanley and Redpa notched one goal apiece in the third before the Demons ran away in the final term, conceding one point and claiming one goal to finish 4.7.31 to 9.11.65. 

In Smithton, the home side led the way in the first quarter with three goals as Irishtown trailed with just one point. 

The Canaries surged ahead in the second quarter with four goals while keeping the Tigers to three goals and one point. The margin stretched to 10 points after the main break, held by the visitors who secured a further two goals in the final term to win, 6.3.39 to 9.1.55. 

In the Seniors games, Scotchtown and Irishtown drew a crowd of spectators to the twilight match held in memory of former Tiger and Canary Josh Stein. 

The scoreboard remained tight throughout the first quarter before the visitors drove forward with five goals before half time. Canary Garry Randall caused havoc for the Tigers’ defence booting nine majors supported by Sean Ryan with three allowing the visitors to lead by 44 points at the final change. 

Tigers John Innes-Smith and Kieren Baldock worked to control a well-drilled opposition before Irishtown gained full control of the match to win 3.7.25 to 13.10.88. 

In the other match, Forest Stanley led from the outset to steal a thunderous victory. 

Redlegs Stafford Ives-Heres and Vinnie Curtain worked to muffle the onslaught as Demon Brandon Tonks booted 10 majors throughout the affair. 

Marshall Evans secured a major for Redpa as Forest Stanley stormed home for a 1.0.6 to 36.17.233 victory. 

In round two of the Circular Head Football Association, Redpa will host Scotchtown while Forest Stanley greets Irishtown this Saturday (April 14).