Final round action

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CHHAThe end of the Circular Head Hockey Association season brought a mixed bag of results.

On Saturday in Division Three, Irishtown and Mustangs went head to head. Katelyn Cramer and Ara Popowski supported their respective teams to top the voting alongside Bianca West and Paige Ferguson for Irishtown and Tei Popowski and Demmi Popowski for Mustangs. 

Ferguson started the scoring in the second quarter allowing Irishtown to maintain a slight lead for two quarters before Cassie Casey and Ara Popowski notched a goal each for Mustangs in the fourth term to take the 2-1 win. 

On Monday, Tigers and Robins played in a close contest for three quarters, each securing one goal in the first half. 

Tigers secured a second goal in the third quarter before breaking the margin out to five goals with four final quarter conversions in the last 10 minutes of the game, winning 6-1. 

Sari Lehmann claimed Robins’ goal while Andy Crole and Melissa Dodd both scored twice for Tigers and Sarah Kay and Keeley Hinds added one.  

In Div Two, Robins and Irishtown played a high impact game. The scoreboard was drawn at half time with goals given to Irishtown’s Demi Littlejohn and Robins’ Julia Gale. 

Irishtown’s Judy Johns ventured from fullback to convert a penalty corner in the last quarter, matched by a goal from Robins’ Eliza Buckby to draw the game, 2-2. 

In the Semi Final this Saturday (August 11), Irishtown and Tigers will play in Div Two from 10.30am followed by Irishtown and Mustangs in Div Three at 3.30pm. On Monday (August 13), Robins and Tigers will play in Div Three at 7pm.

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