Fierce round five

Tigers’ Camilla Woolley and Robins’ Melinda Dwyer tussle in the Robins defence during the Division Two Circular Head Hockey Association meeting on Saturday. Pictures: Ashleigh Force.

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CHHA. Tigers clinched a victory in round five of the Circular Head Hockey Association on Saturday in Division Two against Robins.

The strength of Melissa Stokes, Connie Perry and Karlette Perry pushed the victorious side into offence as Leah House and Jess Wyllie, of Robins, stood firm in defence.

Laura Korpershoek and Lara Porteus-Smith claimed possession as the ball moved into the midfield before working into attack, assisted by Nic Mann and Brooke Walters.

As Tigers regained game control, Melissa Poke converted a penalty corner before a second goal expanded the scoreline.

In the last half, Tigers’ Camilla Woolley pushed in from the midfield to sit at the top of the circle and secure the side’s final goal in the last seconds of the game.

In the Div Three game, Tigers thwarted Mustangs in an eight goal victory. The side notched two goals in the first quarter followed by five before half time as Mustangs goalkeeper Jodie Popowski worked overtime with the support of Ara Popowski and Mahalia Ferguson in defence.

Farrah Henderson earned her three votes with hard running throughout the defence and into attack alongside Demi Popowski to claim a goal for Mustangs before the half-time break.

Meanwhile, Jodi Smith and Harriet Perry were strong forces for Tigers.

In the second half, Tigers collected two last goals to finish the game 9-1.

On Monday, the Div Three contest between Robins and Irishtown saw two strong sides step onto the field.

Kate Johnson, Jackie Poke and Jenny Poke, of Robins, supported the side into attack creating opportunities for Claire Wright and Erin Sommerville while Bianca West and Tenali Horton supported Irishtown teammates Millie Gunningham, Jamaleah Horton and Chloe Horton.

Jackie Poke notched the first goal with a slick shot from the top of the circle followed by a second after the first break. Jo Lovell, playing a fierce match, earned a shot before half time for the side to lead three goals uncontested.

Katelyn Cramer carried the ball through the midfield for Irishtown however the side struggled to capitalise and a final goal to Robins, from the stick of Sari Lehmann in the fourth quarter, sealed the game.

In the Div Two game that followed, Robins and Irishtown met in a contest of strength and skill.

Irishtown claimed control from the first ball as Georgie Finch and Judy Johns directed play from the backline, moving through to Amanda House, Ashleigh Force and Sam Johns in the midfield and into offence to Abbey House, Emma Spinks and Demi Littlejohn.

Robins mirrored this control as Leah House and Jess Wyllie performed strongly across the backline to sling balls forward for Melinda Dwyer, Lauren Robertson and Sari Lehmann.

As the second quarter ensued, Leah House moved into the forwardline to convert a penalty corner and provide Robins with the lead.

Irishtown moved in to retaliate, forcing several penalty corners however were unable to push through to be defeated.

In round six of the Circular Head Hockey Association, Div Three sides Tigers and Irishtown will meet on Saturday (May 12) from 11am, followed by Div Two teams Tigers and Robins from 12.30pm before the second Div Three game at 2pm between Mustangs and Robins.

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