Fashionable message

The I Am Project fashion parade will see Circular Head Youth Leaders (from left) Sarah Fisher, Billy Popowski, Nakore Popowski, Farrah Henderson, Tayla Dixon, Jasmine Korpershoek, Elyse Poke, Sienna Thorp and Kurtis Maher show others the importance of appreciating who you are. Picture: Leanne Everett.

CHYL. Live your life and love who you are is the theme of an upcoming fashion parade in Smithton.

An initiative of the Circular Head Youth Leaders, the parade is an extension of the local I Am Project, which through a well received social media campaign showed everyday women bearing what they like about themselves.

“It’s the culmination of everything we’ve done through the year working on self confidence and body image,” says Jodie Saville, youth and community worker at Circular Head Council.

“The reason we chose the I Am Project is because there were already people in our community doing this kind of thing . . . and making an impact.”

Past workshops have focused on confidence and self esteem, and a screening of the movie Embrace set the tone for the way things should be moving forward.

“This is what we know: eight out of 10 girls opt out of important life activities due to body esteem, and seven out of 10 girls stop themselves from eating or put their health at risk due to body esteem,” Jodie says, citing The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report.

“Body esteem is not how you look, it’s how you think you look.

“Girls are doing worse at school and [displaying] more risk taking behaviours based on how they feel they look.” These include disordered eating, self harming and drinking, to name a few.

Leanne Everett, who launched the I Am Project alongside friend Abbie Poke last year, has photographed the youth leaders ahead of the event.

The photos show the individuals looking comfortable, in an image that represents their personality and a positive aspect of who they are.

“We offered for the boys to join in the photographs too if they wanted to, we know that this affects guys as well,” Jodie says.

“Those photos will be shown at our fashion parade on the big screen, they’ll walk out to them wearing clothing they are comfortable in, as well as parade clothing from local businesses. It’s about being confident [and saying] this is who I am.”

The I Am Project fashion parade will be held at Circular Head Community and Recreation Centre on Friday November 17 at 7pm. Entry is by gold coin, a light supper will be provided.

Anyone interested in joining in the fashion parade can visit the CHYL Facebook page or contact Jodie Saville on 6452 4803.

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