Farewell Mrs Farrelly

After more than 30 years, Janette Farrelly has farewelled her beloved students and colleagues at Forest Primary School to embark on her next adventure. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Retirement. What began as a six week relief position has spanned more than three decades for one treasured librarian.

Janette Farrelly took a temporary post as a teacher’s aide in the kindergarten class at Forest Primary School in 1985. The position gradually grew into full time work, with roles in both the lower and upper primary, administration and most recently in the library for the past quarter of a century.

“It might sound like a dull place, but it’s not!” she says.

“I love recommending books to children, finding what will suit their personalities.”

Now having sold the family home in Smithton, she and husband Brian are embarking on a new chapter.

They have plans to ultimately settle in Launceston but first the couple will travel to Vietnam for the wedding of their eldest son Matthew.

“We had the Australian wedding at our gardens at home at Christmas,” Mrs Farrelly says.

“So now we’ll have the traditional Vietnamese wedding.”

Planning to spend quality time with family and tour parts of the country, the couple will stop over at Caloundra, Queensland to visit more family.

“It will be nice to all be together, then I dare say we’ll have more than one trip to Vietnam.

“Ideally we’d like to spend some of the winter in Queensland or Vietnam.”

While she is embracing what’s ahead, Mrs Farrelly says the school has left a lasting impression on her.

“The friendships and the kindness of the children, they’re all extremely thoughtful,” she says.

“There have been lots of memories, I wish I had have typed a book of silly sayings and moments along the way.”

As many memories stand out for her, one in particular is her form of friendly extortion.

“I used to have bets together with the students to see if they could achieve this or that, it motivated them. There have been a lot of Cherry Ripes used as bribery,” she laughs.

Now she is happy to go with the flow: “I’m used to being busy and working four days a week, so now we’re just going to see how it goes.

“It’s time for Brian and I to do the things we have been wanting to do.”


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