Eyes to the sky

Project. A community workshop for nature lovers is on in Stanley this weekend.

Where? Where? Wedgie! aims to share the joy and science of Tasmania’s birds of prey, with a special focus on the state’s wedge-tailed eagles, culminating in a survey of these species at the end of May.

Everyone, of all ages and across Tasmania, is invited to participate in the survey to obtain baseline data on how this threatened species is tracking. Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles are listed as endangered.

Learn about the aims, methods and science behind the project and gain or share skills in identifying birds, and ideas about how to make the statewide survey a success.

Assessments in previous decades indicated that the wedge-tailed eagle population was declining and made up of fewer than 1000 adult birds. Survey success depends on inspiring enough people to train up and participate.

To find out more visit www.naturetrackers.com.au.


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