Event to draw visitors

Masters. The Australian Masters Games are just weeks away, and that means locals may see a few new faces in the region.

“I am optimistic that we will attract some games participants to our area in between their sporting commitments or before or after the games,” says Clint Walker, president of the Circular Head Tourism Association.

“I’m not expecting that we will see thousands of them swarming around Circular Head, but we should get some positive benefit.

“October is normally a pretty busy time of the year for the tourism industry, so I’d suggest the Masters Games participants will be in amongst the rest of our visitors.”

Mr Walker said the Devonport Visitor Centre is the official contact point for the games, while closer to home Stanley Visitors Centre is the place people will likely stop to find out about local attractions.

“Business’ websites should be up to date and engaging,” he said as a way for local businesses to capitalise on the event.

“And targeted social media – organic and paid promotion – is a way to target games participants.

“Having said this, rather than focusing on this isolated event I’d suggest that businesses should focus on ongoing marketing activity and constantly strive for excellence, and in theory at least the customers will come.”

The biennial Australian Masters Games will be held across the north west of the state from October 21 to 28. At the time or reporting, Smithton remained a possible location for hockey to be played. To find out more visit www.australianmastersgames.com.