End fire permit period

TFS. Fire permits are no longer required across the state, as declared by Tasmania Fire Service.

As we enter further into the autumn months, the high risk period for uncontrolled bushfires is coming to an end and Tasmanian firefighting agencies have entered the fuel reduction burning season.

During the 2017-18 fire permit period 869 fire permits were issued. Over the bushfire season TFS responded to 1332 reported vegetation fires.

“We encourage people to now consider burning on their own properties when conditions allow to reduce the bushfire risk for next summer,” acting chief officer Jeff Harper said.

“Even though permits are no longer required, landowners who plan on conducting burns on their property should be mindful of the weather, be well equipped and capable and to make sure it is done in consultation with the owners of neighbouring properties.

“Engagement with neighbours in the vicinity of any planned burning is recommended to ensure smoke will not adversely affect farming or harvesting operations, particularly the wine industry which is particularly vulnerable to smoke at this time of the year.”

At all times burning on private property is governed by local council by-laws which must be adhered to and environmental laws which govern smoke emissions.

Property owners planning to burn on their land should visit www.fire.tas.gov.au if they require information and advice, and call 1800 000 699 to register their burn to prevent unnecessary brigade call outs.