Eager to hatch

Savannah Flint and Oliver Davis listen in wonder for movement inside the Reading Bug Egg.

Literacy. From the Edith Creek Primary School library you could hear a buzz over the past fortnight.

It was the buzz of lots of little voices enthusiastically reading to the Reading Bug Egg in the hope that maybe, just maybe, the book they are reading will be the one needed for it to hatch.

For two weeks, the Reading Bug Egg had constant visitors with students even requesting to go and read to it during recess and lunch times.

Imaginations ran wild with the possibilities of what might be growing inside and on several occasions, students had been certain they could hear something scratching or moving about inside the egg.

The time has come for Edith Creek to farewell the egg, but is with egg-cited enthusiasm that the students await and anticipate the day it cracks open to reveal what is inside.

The Reading Bug Egg is a literacy initiative introduced to the Circular Head community through Rural Health’s HIPPY team last year.

To date, in excess of 2600 books have been read to the egg. It is hoped the project will encourage a love of learning and enthusiasm for reading among children.


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