Dual naming

CHAC. Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation will put forward suggestions to the Nomenclature Board of Tasmania for the dual naming of nine places within Circular Head.

It follows a proposal made by the Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation earlier this year.

CHAC chief executive officer Di Baldock says the lack of consultation by TAC was unacceptable and that the proposals nominated by CHAC will more accurately reflect the history of the locations they will represent.

“For us this is a journey of empowerment,” she says, “an opportunity for our voices to be heard.”

Tasmanian Aboriginal elder Aunty Patsy Cameron, alongside CHAC chairperson Peter Benson, was among those who contributed to the local consultation process.

The proposed names will be released for community consultation in the coming weeks.

In the future, CHAC will also look to make a proposal for the dual naming of the Stanley Nut.


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