Down memory lane

Dancing. Emmerton Park residents will soon put on their dancing shoes and twirl down memory lane for an afternoon of old time dancing.

Many an evening were spent in community halls dancing into the night to old-time favourites like ‘Gypsy Tap’, ‘Pride of Erin’ and the ‘Progressive Barn Dance’ and now Emmerton Park hopes to recreate those moments for its residents with an afternoon of dancing, laughter and merriment.

Emmerton Park support coordinator Gaylene de Jonge said the afternoon presented a wonderful opportunity for residents to take part in the dancing, or simply watch as others did so.

“It was a culture in our area, it’s how their Friday and Saturday nights were spent,” she said.

“This is for the residents’ entertainment . . . to bring back some memories.”

EP Radio host Chris Morris will be the master of ceremonies and accompanied by musical group Buttons and Bows as well as performances from local dance partners.

Mrs de Jonge encouraged residents “to get up and have a go” with the dancers and staff members.

“It’s good for their soul and health and wellbeing.”

The event will be held in Emmerton Park’s dining area from 1.30pm on Thursday February 11.

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