Results from the 2017 Tasmanian Primary All Schools Cross Country Championships held at Symmons Plains on Tuesday June 27, where students aged nine and 10 ran a two kilometre course and students aged 11 and 12 ran three kilometres. There were more than 2300 participants at this year’s annual event.

9 Years Boys

13th Emmett Gale (St Peter Chanel Catholic School) 8:13

63rd Ethan Gardiner (Stanley Primary School) 8:50

92nd Ryder House (SPS) 9:06

254th Joshua Evenhuis (Circular Head Christian School) 11:57

9 Years Girls

20th Sophie Perry (Forest Primary School) 9:10

104th Taya Radford (SPC) 10:16

117th Ella Lee (SPC) 10:26

165th Georgia Poke (SPC) 10:51

166th Isabella Conley (SPC) 10:52

215th Addyson Cameron (Smithton Primary School) 12:01

231st Bali Tuxworth (CHCS) 12:47

10 Years Boys

80th Rylan Quarrell (SPC) 8:37

107th William Young (CHCS) 8:46

146th Austin McLaren (SPC) 9:03

148th Blake House (FPS) 9:03

177th Kohan Bishop (SPC) 9:13

265th Tyron Roberts (Redpa Primary School) 10:19

10 Years Girls

44th Deah Grey (SPC) 9:09

165th Bella Gent (SPS) 10:31

207th Eloise Walter (CHCS) 11:06

213th Jayda Greene (SPS) 11:14

231st Sophie Britton (SPC) 11:42

243rd Makayla Buckby (SPC) 12:05

11 Years Boys

63rd Jacob Furphy (SPS) 12:44

82nd Lucas Lardner (FPS) 12:58

170th Riley Evenhuis (CHCS) 14:12

188th Liam Corrigan (SPC) 14:33

208th Caleb Berechree (CHCS) 15:25

213th Nathan Turner (SPC) 15:34

247th Jonah Evans (SPC) 21:09

11 Years Girls

157th Ellie Poke (CHCS) 15:45

158th Sophie Coates (FPS) 15:45

169th Olivia Gunningham (FPS) 16:10

173rd Charlotte Popowski (CHCS) 16:14

192nd Georgia Stokes (CHCS) 16:34

221st Torah Grey (SPC) 17:36

245th Rhiannon Field (SPC) 19:29

12 Years Boys

35th Joshua Thomson (CHCS) 11:57

42nd Solomon Tuxworth (CHCS) 12:00

185th Eli Bellinger (SPS) 14:00

187th Jack Kay (SPC) 14:00

12 Years Girls

33rd Zeritu Heres (CHCS) 13:19

50th Leah Odgers (SPC) 13:49

56th Kaylah Bishop (SPC) 13:55

139th Jamahlea Horton (FPS) 15:13

146th Georgia Brown (FPS) 15:18

182nd Jasmine Wigg (SPC) 16:16

204th Holly Pay (SPC) 17:03

225th Eden Townsend (CHCS) 19:11

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