Creativity rocks Arty Duck

Locals out walking may do a double take when they spot a colourful rock among the usual stones to be found. That is all part of the Tas Rocks fun, a new activity sweeping throuhg the community. Happily presenting their rock creations are Keira, 3, Jed, 8 and Olivia Spinks, 10.

Fun. A new rockin’ activity has hit Tasmania and locals have been quick to take up the task.

Run by Tas Rocks, a community Facebook page, the fun starts with an average rock and ends in a colourful creation.

Once the masterpiece is complete the idea is to place it somewhere in the outdoors for another to find. By documenting the process on the social media page, others across the state can join in the fun of locating and relocating rocks in playgrounds, parks or beaches.

More than 30 children took part in the two sessions held at the Arty Duck in Smithton recently and by all accounts, it rocked!

One of the day’s organisers, Courtney McIntyre says the children loved the concept.

“Kids have been wonderful at both sessions. [They were] so excited to paint their rocks and then thinking onwards to where they might hide them.

“One parent said their child also learnt about colours whilst painting her rock as she didn’t realise that mixing two colours could create another.”

Now many are foraging local parks and beaches looking for rocks that stand out from the pack.

“It’s been a great time of year to do it. It’s a great way to get the kids out socialising, getting creative and playing outside,” Courtney said.

“Everyone was keen to get involved, it was a very positive experience and the shop was the perfect place to do it.”

Tyler, 6 and Mikayla Kingston, 7.

Kye Moore, 6.

Lara Bercheree, 6, Amity Dennison, 9 and Ella Bercheree, 4.

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