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Storytime. Students from the Circular Head cluster schools have shown their creative talents through short stories inspired by a workshop with Australian award winning writer James Moloney.

This workshop formed part of the Middle Years Literacy Project which encompasses Smithton, Stanley, Forest, Edith Creek, and Redpa primary schools alongside Smithton High School, and is a collaborative initiative aimed at enriching the skills of students in years four to eight.

From a mission in an abandoned showground to surviving life in the wilderness, read tales from the minds of our young and budding writers.

Spring – Five Senses

By Shaelea Billett, Forest Primary School, Grade 5

Spring tastes like … My sister’s sweet and delicious birthday cake.
Spring smells like … The soft soothing smell of lavender in my hands.
The best feeling of spring is … When I’m walking through the beautiful forest.
The sound of spring is … Hearing the sounds of newborn animals talking to nature.
Sights of spring … Baby animals with their parents frolicking in fields of flowers.


By Chelsea Harrison, Edith Creek Primary School, Grade 6

My name is Isabelle. I am 13 years old. I have a wolf pup named Stormy. I live in an old abandoned cottage in a forest where no-one goes anymore. Every morning and every night I go out to hunt and catch food so that Stormy and I can eat, so that we don’t starve. Stormy and I went to have a look around the forest, we found a cave filled with thousands of crystals. We walked further then Stormy started running towards the back of the cave. I followed her. Then I heard the cry of a dog, it got louder as we got closer. I saw it was another wolf pup exactly like Stormy but black. I think it was Stormy’s sister. It had a sore leg, it was bleeding badly. She had cut her leg open on something sharp. I picked her up, she was a little heavy but I could carry her.

I carefully carried her back to my house, I gently sat her on a blanket that was on the floor. I got an old worn out t-shirt and ripped some of it off for a bandage. I wrapped it around the dog’s leg and wrapped a bit of vine around so it would stay on and stop bleeding. I’m going to keep her. I think I’ll name her Midnight because she is all black.

So the day moved on. I stared out the window, wondering what it would be like to have a family, a real family. Wondering what it would be like to have a house and live in a town with lots of people.

To be continued . . .

Hidden Vinny

By Cody Porteus, Smithton Primary School, Grade 5

“Morning Cody,” called out the teacher. Vinny gave a thumbs up.

Vinny never talked and one one has ever seen his face. All he wears is black tops, black hoodies, black trousers, black shoes, black socks and a black mask with a skull. All you can see is a little bit of skin under his nose and a bit of lime green hair.

“We have a new student,” said the teacher. “This is Bob.”

To be continued . . .

The Search

By Adelaide McIntosh, Smithton High School, Grade 7

Creepy circus music blasted out of the speakers. The row of heads began rotating at different speeds. The bright colours that covered them many years ago had now faded into different shades of black, grey and white. As the music continued, so did the heads until the music became crooked and none of the notes were correct. All the heads had stopped now and turned so they were facing Maloney and I. All we did was stare, never blink, barely breathe. We were as silent as a butterfly to human ears. We were stuck in place. I wanted to run but that would make me – the chosen leader of this mission – scared! And that wouldn’t be very good for my reputation. I also couldn’t move because that would mean it would take more time to complete the mission. I couldn’t take any chances. I signalled to Maloney with my left hand and he took grasp of his walkie-talkie.

To be continued . . .

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