Cr concerned for motorists’ visibility

Issue. Circular Head Council will seek support from the Local Government Association of Tasmania to lobby Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding for improved roadside vegetation management on state roads.

In presenting the motion at Thursday’s monthly meeting, Councillor John Oldaker labelled the management “appalling” and expressed safety concerns for motorists and property owners.

“It’s a job to see the posts or guard rails,” he said of the overgrowth.

“It’s a real road safety issue [and] it is not only our community with this problem.”

Cr Oldaker said roadside slashing had occurred in September last year, however noted slashing had generally been undertaken much later in the season, in November.

“I know this year the growth was unprecedented in December [but] within a week it had grown back.”

Cr Oldaker expressed his concerns for property owners in outlying areas who had taken the issue into their own hands to clear vegetation at the entrances of their properties.

The motion to seek LGAT support was carried unanimously with various councillors expressing road safety and fire hazard concerns.

It follows Cr Betty Kay’s enquiry at the December meeting regarding the precautions undertaken to prevent the spread of weeds from equipment used in roadside slashing.

“It’s quite evident driving from Smithton to Hellyer Beach that the agapanthus and weeds are spreading,” Cr Kay said at the time.

From here, Cr Oldaker’s motion will be sent to LGAT this week to be included in the next general meeting of councils.

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