At last Thursday evening’s council meeting, Councillor David Woodward requested consideration be given, including a costing, to the installation of a fence around the off lead dog area in Fossey Street, Smithton. He said some pet owners are afraid to use the site fearing their dogs would stray onto the road. The matter is to be discussed at an upcoming workshop.

Cr Betty Kay enquired on the progress of the Duck River butter factory appearance, following her previous query in relation to the matter. Mayor Daryl Quilliam advised that the Circular Head Youth Leaders had investigated this to its full potential with the property owner but were unable to gain any action, so had removed this from their items to be actioned.

During public question time, Damien Heres raised the issue of traffic congestion following funeral services at the Circular Head Community and Recreation Centre that concluded at the same time as the school day. Mr Heres asked if the council could investigate the timing of funerals at the venue to avoid congestion and allow the funeral procession, school buses, parents collecting children and school children to use the road safely. General manager Tony Smart advised that the timing issue will be taken to the Central Outdoor Area Management Committee, and that council officers would discuss this with the funeral directors to minimise any future congestion issues.

At the meeting, Cr Ashley Popowski provided a notice of the following seeking the council increase recognition and the value of its brand by attaching the Circular Head logo to its properties, signage, vehicles, sponsorship and other assets. Councillors agreed that a workshop would be had for further discussions on branding opportunities.

In other agenda items, the council reappointed the Circular Head Independent Audit Panel, comprising chair Paul Arnold, members Lisa Dixon and John Howard, and Cr Popowski as part of the Circular Head Council Audit Panel. The panel meets four times a year with the council’s general manager and management team, to oversee the operations of the business, including budgeting, strategic and risk management processes, among other matters.

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