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Roster. Circular Head Netball Association is producing skilled, determined and resilient young players.

The Smithton Saints represent the region in the Burnie Netball Association, taking on the best of the best along the coast.

Five teams travel to Burnie every Saturday for the competition.

The teams are two rounds in and set to play round four this weekend after inclement weather forfeited the round three games.

Round one

Slippery conditions challenged the Grade 9/10 team in round one as the side stepped onto the court to meet with Burnie High School.

The Smithton side was struck in the first few moments of the game and struggled throughout a tough four quarters.

Lara Porteus-Smith starred for the Saints to score 21 of the 22 goals in the five goal defeat.

In the Grade 7/8 game, Smithton took on Marist Regional College Aqua.

The visiting side slowly found its feet in the first quarter before picking up the pace in the second and third terms to match the opposition. 

Chloe Birtwistle and Holly van Norden controlled the centre of the court throughout the contest however the experience of the opposition earned the home side a win, 22 to 15.

Playing in Division One, Grade 5/6 Black handled the conditions of the first game with finesse, shooting accurately in attack and remaining calm and in control while in defence.

Having trained only twice before the first game, the side earned the win, 7 to 35, against Boat Harbour Primary School.

Elizabeth Edwards was recognised as the team’s Player of the Match for her sportsmanship and strength in defence.

Playing in Div Two, Grade 5/6 Blue had a strong start to the game with the offensive and defensive positions working together to make progress.

The scoreline remained level with Burnie Primary School in the first half of the game before the home side showed its strength in the third quarter to claim the game, 14 to 6.

Shaelea Billett received recognition for pushing herself to improve in defence to become a crucial element in the team.

The Grade 3/4 team has had a strong start to the season, stepping up to play in Division Three of the Grade 5/6 roster.

The Smithton Saints and Stella Maris Catholic Primary School stayed side by side on the scoreline throughout three quarters until the fourth term when the home side broke through the margin to win by five goals, 18 to 13.

Amber Brown and Emma van Norden displayed skilful shooting in offence while Alexis Donovan performed strongly in the defensive circle.

Player of the Match went to Mason Brown who played a solid game in the centre and encouraged his teammates. 

Round two

Unlike the previous week, the teams were treated to warm and calm conditions in round two.

Meeting with Marist Regional College, the Grade 9/10 side put its training drills to the test to show improvement on the previous game.

The team carved a lead on the scoreboard in the first half before energy levels let the side down in the final quarter to be defeated by a narrow two goals, 32 to 30.

Britney Arnold utilised the court to create space and drive the ball into attack, earning the Player of the Match award.

The Grade 7/8 team displayed impressive improvement in taking on the Burnie Bunch team.

Smithton and Burnie traded the lead throughout the game as both teams rotated players.

Ellie Jackson and Holly van Norden settled into scoring while Chloe Birtwhistle, Quinn Walters and Meredith Jamieson worked hard in defence. Georgia Brown and Asha Porteus ran through the centre of the court with tenacity and speed.

Despite the strong efforts, the home side took the win by two points, 21 to 19.

Grade 5/6 Blue took to the court with determination as players applied their training knowledge to the game. 

The team worked hard throughout the four quarters in a match that went down to the wire against Boat Harbour Primary School White.

Sophie Lee earned the Player of the Match title for vital intercepts all over the court, which resulted in the 14 to 12 victory.

For Grade 5/6 Black, Kayla Stubbs earned the Player of the Match award for accurate passing and shooting, claiming 21 of the 37 goals in the 23 goal win against Burnie Primary School.

Playing against the Stella Maris Catholic Primary School Magpies, the Grade 3/4 team earned a three goal victory in four quarters of team effort, with Alexis Donavon earning Player of the Match.

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