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Team Puma (from left) Poppy Charles, coach Leanne Porteus, Emily Robertson, Asha Porteus, Elise Popowski, Amber-Jane Tuaoi, Chloe Birtwistle, Cody Hursey and Christina Tuaoi, were victorious in Circular Head Netball Association’s Grade 6,7,8 Grand Final last Thursday. Sh’nae Gillie and Cody Hursey contest the ball while Chloe Birtwistle and Jasmin Porteus look on.

CHNA. The Circular Head Netball Association hosted its Grade 6,7,8 Grand Final last Thursday (September 22) and it was a show for spectators.

The two teams involved, Puma and Nike, finished second and third respectively at the end of the season.

During the roster, the two sides always had fiercely held battles and the Grand Final was no different.

The first quarter proved to be a very low scoring affair with lots of mistakes being made and both teams taking a while to settle, going into the second quarter on Puma (4) and Nike (2).

The next quarter saw Puma settle before Nike did and this was shown in the score: Puma (10), Nike (5).

The third quarter had Nike coming back, with Puma still holding on, Puma (15), Nike (9).

The final quarter had Nike making silly mistakes causing turnovers and letting Puma come out the eventual winners, 20 to 11.

The game was played with great sportsmanship and a fantastic team attitude displayed by both teams. Best players were Elise Popowski, Emily Robertson, Chloe Birtwistle, Taya Schuuring and Chelsea Poke.

A player of the final was picked from each team, these were Taya Schuuring and Chloe Birtwistle.

Tallyeh Gleeson received the Cynthia Moore Encouragement Award while Betty Maynard Trophies were awarded to a player from each team, in Piper Grey, Bree Birtwistle, Chloe Birtwistle, Chloe Chatwin and Tori Williams.

Two grade seven players took out the Best and Fairest and runner-up awards this year.

The runner-up Best and Fairest award winner was awarded to a player who had never played a defensive role before, but took it on and made it her own: Jaz Martin.

The Best and Fairest was one of the most consistent players in the roster who can play any position and make a difference wherever she plays: Bree Birtwistle.

Thanks must go to the coaches that helped out during the season, incuding Lynette Jenkins, Melinda Innes, Rhonda Odgers, Amanda Poke and Leanne Porteus.

Also many thanks to Alicia Jamieson, Amy Birtwistle and Bec Wilson who umpired and helped out during the season as well.

We look forward to seeing the grade six and seven players back next year, while the grade eight girls continue on to play in the women’s roster.

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