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Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation has received funding to implement a Local Drug Action Team. Seven Up Youth Centre committee member Anna Kay, Alcohol and Drug Foundation chief executive officer Erin Lalor, Minister for Rural Health Bridget McKenzie, CHAC general manager Tony Smart and chief executive officer Dianne Baldock, and Liberal Candidate for Braddon Brett Whiteley met on Monday to launch the Circular Head team. 

Prevention. The Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation will establish a Community Action Plan to tackle alcohol and drug addiction. 

Supported by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and the federal government, CHAC has received $10,000 to fund a Local Drug Action Team.

Alcohol and Drug Foundation chief executive officer Erin Lalor said the program supports organisations in building partnerships within the community to deliver preventative projects. 

“This is a fantastic opportunity for community partnerships to use local knowledge and build evidence-informed initiatives to prevent alcohol and other drug related harms in their communities,” Dr Lalor said.

“The Local Drug Action Team Program recognises that all local areas are different and that community led initiatives are critical when it comes to preventing harms caused by alcohol and other drugs, including crystal methamphetamine.”

The number of Local Drug Action Teams across Australia has more than doubled with 92 new community partnerships joining 80 existing teams. 

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation chief executive officer Dianne Baldock said the program would contribute to intergenerational change.

“Youth will be given an opportunity to learn some skills and strategies around better decision making, peer pressure and identity,” she said.  

“What we’re trying to do is break down intergenerational cycles. I think if we can educate the young people this will have a ripple effect to parents and community as a whole.” 

The program is part of the $298 million four-year federal government investment in the National Ice Action Strategy. 

Liberal Candidate for Braddon Brett Whiteley said the program and its associated action plan is needed along the north west coast. 

“Tackling the scourge of ice is vital if we are to maintain strong communities in our rural and regional areas,” Mr Whiteley said. 

“takamuna, meaning journey, will deliver local health prevention activities, including education, mentoring and support for vulnerable people to minimise their risk of alcohol and other drug related harms.

“This is why the roll-out of our own Local Drug Action Team will be important for the strength, health and well-being of our community now, and into the future.”

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