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Circular Head and Waratah-Wynyard councils have committed to another five years of resource sharing. Pictured is Waratah-Wynyard Council general manager Shane Crawford and Mayor Robby Walsh with Circular Head Council general manager Scott Riley (right) and Mayor Daryl Quilliam. Photo courtesy of Patrick Fahey.

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Partnership. A decade since Circular Head and Waratah-Wynyard councils began resource sharing, the communities have committed to a further five years. 

Councillor Trevor Spinks described the move as the “logical way forward” at the Circular Head Council monthly meeting on Thursday, where the motion was passed unanimously.

“Our community has greatly benefited from the personnel that have been resource shared with our council here and at Waratah-Wynyard,” said Deputy Mayor Jan Bishop at the meeting, “with expertise we may not have otherwise had.”

The new agreement will commence in December this year and carry the councils through to November of 2023. 

Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam said he is proud the commitment received unanimous support from both councils. 

“It is satisfying that we can continue to build on the 10 years of working together and commit for a further five years,” he said. 

A review of resource sharing completed by the University of Technology Sydney in 2016 highlighted the advantages of the arrangement to both communities including a saving of $573,425 per year by utilising shared staff.

Further savings of $237,800 in shared procurement and $184,388 joint projects were made throughout the study. There are currently 17 staff shared between the two councils.

“Both councils have seen the benefits to each community from working together to strengthen the services provided,” said Waratah-Wynyard Mayor Robby Walsh. 

Whilst the new resource sharing agreement sets out the intent and purpose of the arrangement, the implementation of the agreement is the responsibility of the respective general managers. 

Ongoing discussion will continue surrounding the operational details of resource shared employees, strategic direction and potential to maximise the benefit of this arrangement.

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