Club in her heart

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Passionate. As the Circular Head Giants ambassador, Bec Medwin’s connection to the club runs deep.

Stepping onto the scene five years ago, the 23-year-old has been an active and passionate supporter of the club alongside husband and senior player Damien.

Now, watching sons Hudson, 3, and almost two-year-old Jordy following in their father’s footsteps, Bec is proud to be representing a community orientated club.

“I am very proud to represent the club, to give back to a club that we love and support. It’s a big challenge to take on but I’m really looking forward to it.”

Knowing she has the support of her family and the wider club community puts her mind at ease.

“It’s great watching the boys growing up at the club. Hudson has been very excited he gets to go to footy training with his dad this year,” she laughs.

“So he’s down there pumping up all the balls, probably close to bursting!”

Succeeding former club and and reigning North West Football League ambassador Letitia House, Bec will go down in club history as a member of the inaugural Circular Head Giants women’s squad.

“I’d never ever played before so I really threw myself out there,” she says.

Jokingly, she adds: “I think I’m probably the first full-forward to not kick a goal all season!”

Though she says her husband, who is renowned for his conversion ability in the full-forward, kept quiet in offering any words of wisdom he did lovingly help select her first footy boots.

“I think it’s great where footy is headed especially for us to pull a side together in Circular Head, and now with the junior girls too.”

Bec will take a backseat from playing the game this season to focus on her ambassador commitments, but won’t rule out a return at a later date.

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