Climate debate heats up

Council. In discussing Circular Head Council’s Longterm Financial Plan 2016/17 – 2025/26 at its monthly meeting last Thursday night, Councillor John Oldaker requested the council alter wording in the document before proceeding.

A point in the plan titled ‘Climate change’ suggested the council may face potential impacts from climate change across certain aspects of its operations. The document highlighted that these aspects had not been taken into account in the plan but may be a consideration into the future.

It was noted that other levels of government may shift costs onto the local council.

Cr Oldaker said he found the wording “very annoying”.

“Unless that’s prepared to come out, I think I will vote against it,” he said.

The wording was then altered to ‘Environmental change’ and the document was adopted.

The purpose of the financial plan is for the council to prepare a forecast of its resource requirements for servicing the community for a 10-year period, to be considered in line with its Strategic Plan and Strategic Asset Management Plan.

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