Chronicle open

Business. The Circular Head Chronicle is not closing.

Recent forced changes to the structure of Print Domain – the printing arm of the Chronicle – have many in the community concerned that their local newspaper is coming to an end.

The changes to Print Domain are pivotal in ensuring the proud 109-year history of the Chronicle continues for many years to come.

Like hundreds of traditional offset printers around Australia, Print Domain has struggled with the challenges of a declining print market and increased costs.

While the newspaper, digital printing and design divisions remain strong, the losses sustained in the offset division were damaging the sustainability of the company overall and had to be rectified.

This has lead to the difficult decision to close the offset side of the business.

From a customer perspective, little will change as Print Domain has negotiated printing partnership arrangements to enable printing services at similar or better prices, with an improved product range.

The Chronicle staff will continue to handle local printing and design enquiries.

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