CHArtchibald Prize

Art. Josie Riches, of Stanley, is this year’s CHArtchibald Prize winner after capturing both a happy and sad Barb Long.

Riches said the day she took the photo of what she would paint, was a sad one for Long, who would close her Stanley cafe, Chin Wag, in the coming days.

“She’s smiling, but I feel like she’s got the sadness of her cafe closing in her eyes,” Riches said.

This was the third year Riches has entered the art competition, and said she had always thought Long would make a good CHArtchibald subject, as one of Circular Head’s recognisable identities. “Her personality; she’s vivacious, the red lipstick, the bright colours,” Riches said.

In her blurb, Riches said: “Barb added a splash of colour to the heart of Stanley. Always good for a laugh, a chat, the latest word on the street. Her great food and coffee was almost an added bonus to the experience that was Chin Wag.”

At the CHArtchibald judging on Saturday night, judges agreed that a feeling was captured in Riches’ work, naming the oil painting the best of all entries hanging at Time Out on Emmett.

The public may now vote for their favourite by filling in a slip at Time Out. The Public Vote winner will be announced in January.

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