Cha-ching for community

Community Bank steering committee chairman Tom Glynn is urging residents to take part in a survey which will see the project move one step closer to completion. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Update. The steering committee of Circular Head’s Community Bank is asking locals to put pen to paper to achieve the next phase of the project.

A survey will be posted to all residents this month in order to gain clarity on the bank’s prospects.

Steering committee chairman Tom Glynn says taking just 10 minutes to complete the survey will benefit the community into the future.

The survey can be completed anonymously and contains questions regarding your personal and business banking plus savings and loans.

Once filled out, residents must return the survey in the supplied postage paid envelope or drop it into the Smith Street branch by Tuesday May 16.

“The purpose of this survey is to provide Bendigo Bank with an assessment of the support there is for a Community Bank in Circular Head,” Mr Glynn says.

“If there is not a certain degree of return obtained the Community Bank will not go ahead and if this doesn’t get off the ground now, it never will. It’s very much up to the community.”

Provided the survey is successful, Mr Glynn expects the bank to be operational by the end of the year.

“Banking is changing every day. You’ll have access to face-to-face, online and mobile banking and the staff will be locals and will understand local issues, it’s not going to be a faceless centre.”

Half the profits will go back into Circular Head, supporting community groups and causes and individuals or families in need.

Mr Glynn said residents can continue to support the project through pledges. If you would like to purchase shares in Circular Head’s Community Bank, pop into the Smith Street branch or contact Tom Glynn on 0411 744 426.

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