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I’ll have a long black, no sugar thanks!

I wish to alleviate the fears and misinformation as stated by Angry Ratepayer, Smithton in the Chronicle (Thursday July 7, ‘Clean up your act’). This statement was made following comments on a cleaning contract: “ . . . as well as the coffee van supplying their coffees from outside the district?” For clarification: • The elected …

3 years ago

Restore our faith in system

As most of you would be hopefully becoming aware, the Education Act 1995 is being reviewed by the state government, due to be debated in parliament in spring. I am very disappointed with the recommendation to lower the start school age to the age of three-and-a-half years. This decision is one that has many Tasmanians alarmed. …

3 years ago

Support local first

The news for Circular Head residents is rapidly getting worse with Murray Goulburn once again disgracefully cutting the price of milk. All of this after losing Gunns, part of McCain, forestry operations decimated, no swimming pool, Heritage Centre closed indefinitely. Then Council award a lucrative tender to a coastal company over two really reliable businesses, …

3 years ago

Clean up your act

As a ratepayer for 50 plus years, I am appalled that our local council has given a cleaning company from outside our community the contract for cleaning our council offices, Works Plus and basketball stadium when we have three cleaning companies in Circular Head. Is it much wonder people leave the district for employment and …

3 years ago

Cracker courtesy

I thought people were meant to let their neighbours know if they were going to let firecrackers off. Not so in Irishtown. Being an animal owner, last night (May 28, ‘Cracker Night’) was hell. Crackers, rockets, all sorts let off. Even all afternoon Saturday, and again Sunday morning. Having different animals, some went through fences, …

3 years ago

Underage footy must be an option

In response to Craig Perry’s letter to the editor in the Circular Head Chronicle (Junior football in Circular Head, June 2). The Circular Head Football Association has had a successful underage competition since the late ’50s. Currently there is a small selection of players doubling up in the CHFA and the North West Junior Football …

3 years ago

Fire management must be addressed

Local volunteers join their brigades to protect their local community. I have been concerned for several years since the growth of private forestry plantations in the area and the downsizing of Forestry Tasmania and Parks and Wildlife Service’s firefighting capacity in the area and indeed the state. We kept asking who was going to provide …

3 years ago

Junior football in Circular Head

As a coordinator of junior football in Circular Head for a number of years, I am concerned about the current structure of ‘underage’ football in the district. Currently, under the local CHFA banner we have four Under 16 and Under 13 sides with under 12, 14 and 16 sides in the coastal NWJFL. Currently, up …

3 years ago

Arthur-Pieman track decision

The Federal Court ruling on the Arthur Pieman tracks has left myself and many others in the community both frustrated and disappointed. The Liberal Government made a commitment to upgrade and open tracks in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area for local recreational users and tourists for the use of four-wheel drive and other vehicles. While I …

3 years ago

Smithton to our aid

We were recent visitors to Smithton (Tuesday February 9). Whilst attending the public toilet block, my wife became most unwell. Without hesitation two of your citizens came to our aid, one even purchasing medication for us from the pharmacy. The following morning we attended the doctors’ surgery where we were afforded extraordinary service and compassion. …

3 years ago