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Keep the charm of Stanley town

My family and I personally take a great interest in the township of Stanley, being a descendant of two prominent families of the town, therefore I wish to express my disappointment and concern regarding the structure being built on the corner of Church and Pearse streets, Stanley, in what I was led to believe was …

2 years ago

Silly string, silly result

I attended the Lighting of the Christmas Tree on Friday evening. What is generally a great family night soon deteriorated into mayhem. A local shop sold ‘Silly String’ to young children, who then sprayed it on the roads, footpaths and people. The street was a mess, with discarded cans a trip hazard. I can only …

2 years ago

Uniting for the benefit of kids

I was struck in last week’s Chronicle (Thursday October 13) by the reports on coaching and opportunities given to the young people of Circular Head. I refer particularly to the football clubs uniting and going to great lengths to offer young fellas wanting to progress their football careers that opportunity. I’ve been concerned by reports …

2 years ago

Sticking up for Stanley

In reply to ‘Name withheld, Stanley’ (Chronicle, September 15). Firstly, I don’t condone backhanded swipes of our picturesque and quaint fishing village of Stanley. Secondly, have you earned the right to express your unfounded concern, unless you are willing to put your name to any correspondence. The ‘building craze’ in Stanley as referred to, Stanley is entitled …

2 years ago

Barking mad

It has long been a lovingly held rhetoric, when tough calls are made, that it must be the case that our locally elected representatives are clearly ‘barking mad’. It occurs to me that this latest of Smithton pranks, may have our beloved councillors chasing their tails in order to find the culprit. I’d be interested …

2 years ago

Suburban Stanley?

I would like to express my concern with the present building craze in Stanley. Suburbia is starting to take over this beautiful historic little town by the sea. How will it look in a couple of years, what is the council’s planning? What’s going on? Name withheld, Stanley  

2 years ago

Pink socks huge effort

On behalf of everyone at the McGrath Foundation, we’d like to say a huge thank you to the Smithton community for getting behind our winter #PullOnYourSocks initiative. Thank you to the Circular Head Giants for their fantastic efforts. They are one of more than 200 clubs, schools and businesses who got their local community involved, …

2 years ago

Mum knows best

Personally I struggled to return to work as early as I did. Knowing my child was able to receive the love, care and attention she needed on a daily basis helped me get through my own anxiety. I can always rely on the educators to give her a warm safe hug, consoling her to feel …

2 years ago

Lowering of Tasmania’s starting school age

Following on from last week’s front page article (‘Local’s plea to government’, Thursday July 14), the Chronicle has been inundated with Letters to the Editor expressing a view against the lowering of the starting school age in Tasmania. Many of those who wrote in asked for anonymity. UPDATE August 25, 2016   Is your child …

2 years ago

School age concerns

I share concerns of the impact of lowering the school age in Tasmania. As the Minister reminds us, kindergarten will be non-compulsory, and therefore it is expected that attendance rates will drop. Prep, however, will commence at four-and-a-half, in a formal school environment, five days a week. Will we then have higher levels of children …

2 years ago