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Pool petition

Councillor Spinks claims credibility of some of the signatures to the petition – of which there were 688 – were coerced into signing. I was one that signed the petition after reading what it stood for and am offended by his statement. The petition was legal in all form and should have been accepted by …

6 years ago

Big sister

While some industries are closing down, others are opening up, so let’s not despair. Things usually pan out for a district with such a diverse range of enterprises and activities. Most ghost towns got that way because of their dependency on one main industry, and they ran out of resources. On a more positive note, …

6 years ago

Looking to a brighter future

I approach life with a ‘can do’ attitude – one that I’ve repeatedly seen demonstrated in and by this community, frequently when the odds are seemingly impossible or insurmountable. The fallout from the global financial crisis is affecting everyone’s purse strings and wellbeing, but the surety is, it won’t last for ever. From the outset, …

6 years ago

Dumb ratepayers

We attended a council meeting on Monday night for the special purpose of the proposed pool site. What a joke! How our mayor let a member of the public disrespect a councillor is beyond us. We weren’t there to listen to childish bullying antics. Then to have councillor Trevor Spinks imply that all those who …

6 years ago

Pool meeting

Monday night I attended a special meeting about Circular Head Aquatic Leisure Centre. I was appalled and disappointed to hear councillor Trevor Spinks talk about the petition that was put around April 27, 2012 to shops around town. I am not opposed to us having a new pool, just the site the council have chosen …

6 years ago

Well done, mate

Congratulations to Scott Wardrop (Circular Head Chronicle, July 10) for taking the initiative in the construction of his shed which is fully engineered and designed to all Australian Standards. What don’t council staff understand? Scott is a registered plumber, a man that knows what, where and how to carry out his trade in the most …

6 years ago

Rally Message

Congratulations and thanks to the Circular Head Chronicle for the great cover page promoting the community Listen to the Majority rally. Also for the detailed representation of the day in last week’s Chronicle. Let us all keep the momentum of the day flowing, whether it be in letters to the editor, or spreading this important …

6 years ago

Our community is suffering

The only people that can help – US. You’ve heard it before, but it’s never been more important – we need to shop locally. Travelling along the coast or going online to buy something or use a service that is available here just to save $30 is costing us our jobs. One day that job …

6 years ago

Fantastic paths

So many people like to complain or put down our local councils for what they do or do not do. I’m writing to say what a fantastic job Circular Head Council has done with all the footpaths and crossings at every street corner. I’m in an electric wheelchair and come down to your fine town …

6 years ago
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