Carnival action

Rugby. Returning from the Gold Coast Rugby Carnival in Queensland, Eamon Gallaher says his resilience through adversity led to a proud moment.

“It was game two against a school from New Zealand called Te Aroha College,” he says.

“In the first five minutes I was pushed in the back [and] suffered a knee injury.

“The physio came on to help me off the field, not long after that I had it strapped and I was back on the field [for] the second half of the game to score the winning try for our team.”

The 16-year-old represented the state with the Tasmanian Devils Under 18 side during the week-long event last month.

Eamon, who plays with the Devonport Bulls Rugby Union Club, said the opportunity to play at a national level allowed him to experience the game in a new way.

“My performance as an individual wasn’t bad, catching the ball and running it hard.

“We didn’t get the outcome that we were hoping for but I believe that we all played hard until the final minute.”

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