Capturing Circular Head’s best known faces

Last year’s CHArtchibald Prize winner, Jeff Powers with his sketch of Peter Kay.

Art. The CHArtchibald Prize, where local artists celebrate a familiar face, is open for entries.

The CHArtchibald Prize is a portrait of a past or present Circular Head (human) identity. The artist is asked to accompany their work with a small paragraph about the person.

Entries close on Monday November 11, allowing judges time to pick a winner by Saturday November 23 – the exhibition’s official opening.

Presented by Circular Head Arts, the exhibition will run from November 23 to January 14, 2014, in which time the public will have the chance to vote.

The prize money is $1000 for the winner and $500 for the public vote.

For more information or to obtain an entry form contact CHArts’ Sue Popowski on 0407 648 102 or

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