Canaries fly into finals

Forest Stanley Demon Brandon Tonks skirts around his fallen Irishtown opponent while supported by Jack Gilliam in the Circular Head Football Association Preliminary Final in Smithton on Saturday. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

CHFA. Irishtown recorded a victory against Forest Stanley in the Circular Head Football Association Semi Final on Saturday to send them into the forthcoming Grand Final.

The Canaries flew out to boot five majors in the first term while the Demons remained scoreless at quarter time.

Forest Stanley secured their first goal in the second term while restricting their opponents to one point as the action began to heat up.

Kurt Everett, of Irishtown, led his side with five majors throughout the contest supported by teammate Sean Ryan with two while Brandon Tonks, of Forest Stanley, secured two of his side’s three goals.

Kicking with the wind, Irishtown added four goals to their total throughout the third term as Forest Stanley’s score remained at one goal and three points.

The final term saw second quarter proceedings repeat as the Demons prevented the Canaries from securing anything more than one point while notching two goals and three points themselves.

Ultimately, impressive first and third quarter performances put on by Irishtown paved the way for the 9.8.62 to 3.6.24 victory.

Forest Stanley will have a chance at redemption this Saturday (August 19) in Stanley against Scotchtown in the Preliminary Final contest.

In Reserves action, Irishtown will join their senior counterparts in vying for premiership glory following their victory against Forest Stanley on Saturday. 

A low scoring first half allowed Irishtown to hold a slight advantage over Forest Stanley. Putting four goals on the board in the third, the Canaries gained a 32 point margin by the final change while the Demons remained on just two points.

Irishtown managed just three points in the final stanza as Forest Stanley notched a goal for the final score to read 4.13.37 to 1.2.8.

Forest Stanley will vie for a place in the Grand Final when they meet Scotchtown in the Preliminary Final this Saturday.

In the Under 16s, Redpa remain undefeated and will progress to the final stage of the season following a 17.13.115 to 0.3.3 victory against Irishtown.

Marshall Madden-Evans, of Redpa, led the charge with five majors while his opposition were unable to convert a goal.

Irishtown will have a second chance this Saturday when meeting with Scotchtown for the decider.

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