Canaries, Demons rise to premiership challenge

Preview. Irishtown Football Club is preparing to brave their greatest challenge of the season as all three divisions advance into the Circular Head Football Association 2016 Grand Final this Saturday.

Irishtown will meet Forest Stanley in the Seniors clash as the Demons dare to cling on to an undefeated season.

Irishtown coach Jason Gofton and Forest Stanley coach Guy Kearnes admit their respective squads have each faced hurdles throughout the season but believe they are capable of reaching the ultimate goal of premiership glory.

“Being a new group of players it took a few games to gel together but I feel as we go into this Saturday we are full of strength and up to the challenge,” Gofton said on Monday.

“Grand Finals are funny games, it’s where anything is possible and you seem to get the best out of everyone.

“Hopefully we can all turn up in the right mindset and take it up to Stanley.”

Kearnes said poor numbers throughout the preseason disadvantaged the club as they entered the season, however believes he has trained a capable playing group since.

“I’m just asking for 100 per cent commitment and to maintain the intensity that we have had throughout the season,” he said.

Juggling coaching and playing, both coaches say they were in a position to do this effectively through the support of their club.

“I think that having full trust in the bench coaching staff is the reason why I found coaching and playing easy,” Kearnes said of his season.

“They have been great all year for me!”

Gofton thanked Peter Townsend for his continued sideline support.

“Coaching and playing at the same time was harder than I thought it was going to be,” he admitted.

“Peter has a great knowledge of the game!”

The CHFA Grand Final will be played this Saturday at the Smithton Recreation Ground with the first Under 13 game kicking off between Scotchtown and Irishtown at 8.30am followed by Forest Stanley and Redpa at 9.30am. The U/16s will follow at 10.40am with an Irishtown verses Scotchtown contest before Irishtown and Forest Stanley meet in both the Reserves and Seniors at 12.20pm and 12pm respectively.

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