Canaries cross Tigers

Tigers’ Melissa Poke and Irishtown’s Emma Spinks were strong offensive forces for their respective sides during Circular Head Hockey Association proceedings on Saturday. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

CHHA. Round 15 of the Circular Head Hockey Association resulted in a weekend of upsets as Irishtown defeated Tigers and Mustangs won against Robins.

Play began evenly as Mustangs and Robins took to the turf on Friday night. Mustangs’ Ali Dennison and Sonia Poke dictated as did Robins’ Lara Porteus-Smith and Brooke Smith at the opposite end of the ground.

Both teams managed to gain offensive opportunities only to be thwarted by Mustangs’ Mel Gray and Joanie Coker and Robins’ Laura Carins and Jandi Smith.

Mustangs had a strong desire for victory as the second half began with the scoreboard remaining untouched. Aysha Gray and Ella House supported Dennison, Poke and Daria Reeve as Mustangs sprung into action. Poke (two), Dennison and Jess Walters were rewarded for their hard work with goals while Teri Nichols replied for Robins to finish the game 4-1.

A Tigers and Irishtown affair is always a thrilling spectacle however in the weekend’s encounter Irishtown found a higher gear.

With accurate passing and fast ball movement, Irishtown settled into the game while Tigers struggled to find their feet.

Irishtown’s Demi Littlejohn, Emma Spinks and Maddison Poke were real threats for Tigers’ defence as were strikers Amanda House and Abbey House. However Tigers’ Irene Grey created issues for Irishtown’s offence as she stood strong in defence.

As the half time siren sounded, Irishtown had a four goal advantage leading into the break but were cautious of Tigers’ intentions for revenge.

Tigers found a better form as play resumed with Karlette Perry and Connie Perry strong in the centre of the field. Veronica Dodd and Melissa Poke found opportunities to carry the ball into offence, only to be turned over by the reliable Irishtown defender Judy Johns.

Tigers keeper Melissa Dodd limited Irishtown to just one goal in the second half, to see the final score at 5-0 with Sam Johns (two), Amanda House, Maddison Poke and Littlejohn the scorers for the victors.

In Division Three proceedings, Tigers reaffirmed their dominance as they took on Irishtown then Mustangs in the double header, defeating their first opponents 5-1 before an uncontested six goal victory. Melissa Dodd played a stellar two games notching up four goals in total followed by Keeley Hinds (two), Andy Crole (two), Jodi Smith (two) and Sarah Kay while Georgie Finch claimed a goal for Irishtown.

Round 16 will see Robins and Irishtown begin Division Two proceedings from 9.30am this Saturday (July 15) before Mustangs challenge Tigers from 11am. Irishtown will take the Division Three double header and meet with Tigers from 3.30pm before Mustangs at 5pm.

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