Canaries conquer Demons 

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CHFA. Irishtown have advanced to the Circular Head Football Association Grand Final following a victory over Forest Stanley in the Second Semi Final on Saturday. 

Irishtown demonstrated its dominance in the first term before Forest Stanley fought back part of the margin in the second quarter, entering the main break six points behind. 

The Canaries opened up the game in the third term as Dwayne Everett and Gary Randall both bagged three majors and contributed to the conversion of many. 

The Jacksons, Lincoln and James of Forest Stanley, were granted one goal by the Irishtown defence to end the match 9.10.64 to 3.4.22. 

Forest Stanley will contest the second Grand Final spot this Saturday in the Preliminary Final against Scotchtown. 

In the Reserves, Irishtown secured the premiership place while Forest Stanley has been granted a second chance against Scotchtown. 

The Canaries denied the Demons of any more than two goals and two points throughout the four quarters. 

Irishtown began scoring slowly in the first term, with one goal and two points, while preventing Forest Stanley from touching the scoreboard. 

The Canaries added three majors in the second term as the Demons secured their first goal. A stagnant third term saw Irishtown tag two points to the tally and the opposition add one goal and two points before a final quarter blow out. 

Irishtown notched five majors in the last term, led by Brady Allen and Sean Ryan with four and two goals respectively, finishing 9.7.61 to 2.2.14. 

Redpa has secured the first spot in the Under 17 Grand Final following a victory over Irishtown. Digby Marshall and Vaughn Blizzard led the Redlegs with two majors for the 7.9.51 to 3.3.21 win.

In the Under 14 game, Redpa prevented Irishtown from touching the scoreboard to win by two majors and eight behinds, and secure the premiership place. 

In the Under 14 Preliminary Final, Irishtown and Forest Stanley will vie for the Grand Final place while in the Under 17 action, Scotchtown and Irishtown will play off for the spot.

The Circular Head Football Association Preliminary Final will be held this Saturday (August 18) at Stanley.

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