By-election beckons

Locals will soon hit the polls for the Braddon by-election.

Politics. Braddon is preparing for a federal by-election with familiar faces set to contest the seat.

The by-election was announced following Labor MP Justine Keay’s resignation from the House of Representatives in light of the High Court’s decision regarding her dual citizenship.

Ms Keay, who is a seventh generation Tasmanian, made arrangements to renounce her British citizenship prior to being elected in July 2016.

“I have always been upfront about the fact that before nominating for parliament, I acted on the best available legal advice which indicated that I had satisfied the eligibility requirements under the Constitution as they have been interpreted for 25 years,” Ms Keay said in parliament last Wednesday.

“Today, the High Court has set a new precedent. This is a new rule and I respect this rule without qualification.”

She is once again contesting the Braddon seat, as is Liberal MP Brett Whiteley and a Greens member who is yet to be announced.

“I have it in my bones to serve the people of the north west coast,” Mr Whiteley said in Smithton on Monday.

“I have had a number of elections at a state level and this will be my third attempt at the federal seat of Braddon.”

The local by-election is one of five happening in Australia. At the time of reporting, a date for the Braddon by-election was not yet set.

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