Butchers get a taste of Tassie

A group of butchers from Queensland travelled to the region last week to discover what goes into creating the quality Cape Grim Beef brand. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Produce. Raised on the rugged north west coast, grazing on pristine pastures in a cool climate, the Cape Grim Beef brand is world renowned for its quality.

Queensland butchers travelled to the heart of the Cape Grim brand last week to discover how that fine quality is achieved.

The country’s most influential butchers met with suppliers, toured the Greenham Tasmania factory and tasted the produce in local restaurants.

Australian Wholesale Meats’ Terry Siddins said the experience provided insight into the behind the scenes work of the brand.

“We search for the best meat we can buy,” he said.

“Having seen the planning that goes in – an insight into what goes into the product – farmers are proud of what they do and that resonates.

“We’ll now take this knowledge back to the consumer because [this business] is all about customer relations, there’s a flow on effect.”

Queensland is the nation’s main purchaser of Cape Grim Beef, favouring Tasmania’s climate for producing desirable flavour and texture year round.

Taking care of the brand’s marketing, Greenham Tasmania’s Trevor Fleming said exposing wholesalers to the brand’s history and home benefits both parties.

“We find that when we bring customers down, it really pulls the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s a light bulb moment, when they’re able to see the processes that go into Cape Grim Beef,” he said.

“Understanding the process of the product and knowing what is underneath the Cape Grim lid.

“When a butcher opens the package he’ll receive consistency, great beef 52 weeks of the year.”

The group visited the properties of local suppliers including Richard Nicholls, Andrew Kay, John Bruce and Keith Hammond before dining at The Bond Store in Stanley.

Dining at renowned restaurant Rockpool Bar and Grill in Melbourne just days earlier, the connoisseurs also found themselves highly impressed with the local service.

“They’re experiencing the whole of the north west then taking that knowledge back to their customers,” Mr Fleming said.

“We like to hear what butchers are doing, what sells and listening to their ideas to work on new products.”


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