Building better communities

Outgoing State Commissioner of the Girl Guides, and former Smithton Guide, Jane Dent.

Guides. The outgoing State Commissioner of the Girl Guides, and former Smithton Guide, Jane Dent, said the State’s 800 Guides is a solid base to build upon.

“Guiding provides a base for good community members to build a better world,” Mrs Dent said on Friday at an end-of-year Guide function in Bellerive.

The former Smithton Girl Guide who went on to become the State Commissioner has been involved with the Guides for the past 40 years and says the organisation is a great way for young girls to gain confidence and to be involved in many different activities to help them learn life skills and to rely on each other and themselves.

“When I was a Girl Guide I loved to get out and go camping and boating and to be with the other girls,” Mrs Dent said.

“My biggest thrill was when we went on an international camp to Sydney – at the time that was a really big deal and it was fabulous.”

Each State Commissioner serves a three-year term and Mrs Dent’s tenure expires on December 31.

Girls can enter the Guides from five to 17-years-of-age and then from 18 to 30 years they move into what is called an olave member.

“Today, the organisation still provides many of the great outdoor activities I enjoyed as a young girl but today it reflects more what the girls want to do – if they want to go boating and camping that’s great but if they want to become computer programmers we will provide avenues for them to do this,” Mrs Dent said.

“One of the best things about being a Guide is that the girls learn by doing – this is so very important in building confidence and skills.

“And one of the real pleasures I get now is sit and chat with former Guides and current Guides and listen to their stories and hear how the organisation has helped to have an impact on their lives.”

Smithton Girl Guides meet every Tuesday, 4.30 to 6pm during the school term at the Guide Hall (enter from swimming pool car park).

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