Budget to market region

CHTA. Circular Head will be pinned on the map as a must see destination, if the local tourism group has its way.

At the last monthly council meeting, councillors voted in favour of allocating $35,000 from the 2017-18 budget to Circular Head Tourism Association for increased promotion of the region.

This matches the tourism body’s marketing budget for the financial year.

President Clint Walker said CHTA hopes to work closely with Cradle Coast Authority’s tourism unit to find ways in marketing the area.

“For example, in targeting specific journalists and bloggers to visit the region and then write editorial pieces for publishing; or joint social media campaigns; or travel agent famils which hardly exist in our area any more.”

A famil, or familiarisation, is the opportunity given to journalists to experience a region and in return write or broadcast a piece on that place.

“If we are able to partner with Cradle Coast in some of these things, we should get a better bang for our buck, and therefore better results.”

Mr Walker commended the council for its decision to increase investment in the tourism industry, which he said is needed to maintain market share in an increasingly competitive visitor market.

Circular Head Council general manager Tony Smart congratulated the group on its whole-of-region approach.

“The marketing plan is not just directed at the tourism industry but the whole of Circular Head, which the council is very buoyed about.

“The plan is to get visitation to the Circular Head region.”


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