Brimming with love

Circular Head Chronicle journalist Ashleigh Force takes readers into her family home to meet dad Neville ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday September 4. The father-daughter duo share a bond that is filled with love and laughter. Photo courtesy of Carol Force.

Family. For Chronicle journalist Ashleigh Force, work comes a healthy second to her loved ones. While she is busy interviewing, photographing and producing a jam-packed paper each week, she loves that feeling of coming home to ‘Mum and Dad’s place’ to unwind and catch up on what’s new. Ash and dad Neville sat down for a yarn on Tuesday evening ahead of Father’s Day (Sunday September 4).


Ash, how does it feel to be the one being interviewed?



Neville, what do you think of your daughter’s achievements?

From starting at the Chronicle as a work experience girl in high school and rising up through the ranks, I’m very pleased and proud of the way she’s going. She seems to have coped remarkably well with work and study at the same time and seems to fit into the lifestyle of a journalist well.


What about son James, you better give him a mention.

James has also done very well for himself with his studies and work at Clark Windows. He loves his footy and is very committed to his sport. They both seem to be settling into adulthood comfortably.


Can you remember back to being a new dad?

One of the nicest things about being a new father was getting used to that little voice calling me ‘Dad’. It was one of the greatest pleasures of my life and it still is.


Ash, what do you love most about your dad?

He’s so supportive and I know he’ll always be there for me. I have so many fond memories of walking down King Street hill holding his hand with mine outstretched above my head to reach and looking up laughing or just chatting with him.


Neville, what’s your favourite memory of your children growing up?

Of a Saturday morning we’d walk with our dog Vinny to get a milkshake and buy the kiddies a magazine. Then we’d visit Sam the Cockatoo at the Wybia, getting him to talk, dance and screech – the kids loved it!


Ash, what’s your dad’s personality like?

Anyone who knows dad will agree he’s a pretty passionate footy supporter and is often heard from the sideline of the Giants games. He has some pretty dorky but classic ‘dad’ sayings as well.


Neville, what do you hope the future holds for your children and family?

I wish for them to be healthy, happy and successful in whatever they choose to do.


Ash, how will you spoil Dad this Father’s Day?

We’ll treat Mum with a break from the kitchen and go out for family breakfast. Then if the weather’s nice, Dad and James will take their motorcycles for a ride and I’ll tag along as Dad’s pillion before he retires to the couch to watch (read: snooze during) Speed Week or the footy.


Neville, what do you say to that?

That sounds like an ideal Sunday!

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