Best road safety campaign

CRSP. Circular Head Council’s road safety campaign ‘Look Out For Your Mates’ has been named the state’s best at the inaugural Community Road Partnership Awards.

The council won the 2013 Community Road Safety Partnership Major Award, while the council’s recreation and community officer Deb Mainwaring was also honoured with an individual award.

The Look Out For Your Mates campaign was developed by the council in 2010 to address community concerns about road fatalities and serious crashes in the area.

Mayor Quilliam said the council partnered with the community, emergency services and the Department of Infrastructure, Energy to bring about change in driver behaviour.

Since its launch, the campaign has been led by the CRSP committee and has focused on key factors that contribute to the most serious crashes, including speed, failure to wear seat belts and helmets, drink driving and inattention.

Mayor Quilliam said the campaign has assisted in a dramatic decrease in road fatalities in the area.

“I wish to congratulate Deb Mainwaring on her role in developing and delivering the program, which I’m sure has gone a long way to ensuring its success.”

The Minister for Infrastructure, David O’Byrne presented the award to the Mayor at an award ceremony in Hobart on Friday.

As well as the award, the council has won $5000 prize money which will be used to further develop community road safety initiatives in the Circular Head region.

Since the CRSP program was established in 2007, the council has committed annual funds to keeping drivers safe.

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