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Accolade. Celebrate International Bacon Day this Saturday (September 1) with award winning rashers from Perry’s Quality Meats.

Taking top honours in the Australian Bacon Awards, the Smithton butcher was named the best in the state in both the full rasher and short cut categories as well as gaining national recognition for his short cut bacon, placing second.

Josh Perry put the quality down to the time taken to prepare the bacon. 

“Everything is done by hand, no machines,” he says.

“Hand pumping and mixing our own brines. I can pump it evenly, cook it evenly. I can gauge when I’m cooking, check it every five to 10 minutes, and guarantee to our customers that it will be cooked to perfection.”

Sourcing the product from Tasmanian producers Alan Broomby and Scottsdale Pork, Josh says a shift from frozen to fresh pork has also made a difference to the quality of the bacon.

“We’re using fresh pork this year, straight off the pig, chilled, cryovaced and ready to go.

“A lot of bacon you try around the place is watery and you see that in the pan when you’re cooking at home.

“Ours is a very dry bacon so you really get the full flavours.”

Specialist judges Horst Schurger, Simon Bestley and Adam Moore assessed the appearance, aroma and taste of 125 entries. The local short cut bacon was described as having excellently balanced taste, perfect texture and moistness while the full rasher was commended for its appealing colour, shape and aroma plus the mild balanced taste.

“You pay for quality,” says Josh. “That is why you should support local butchers, we take the time to do it properly so that you will get what your paid for.”

He thanked his loyal customers and suppliers as well as the team at Perry’s Quality Meats for their hard work.

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