Animal welfare discussion

Greenham Tasmania managing director Peter Greenham discussing changes to the animal welfare standards at the annual producer day. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

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Agriculture. Greenham Tasmania held its annual producer day at Agritas Trade College on Monday.

At the meeting, managing director Peter Greenham introduced company changes to its Never Ever program.

“At the moment there is no requirement to use pain relief on castration or dehorning,” he said of the local program.

After completing the initial auditing procedure, the company will now move to align with the certified humane standard.

Mr Greenham said producers will now work towards achieving this standard and complete certification within three years.

Held throughout the afternoon and into the evening, the annual meeting is an opportunity for producers to meet with industry leaders, be introduced to farming innovations, and gain feedback and further insight into the current market.

Discussion topics included the Meat Standards Australia grading, animal welfare, natural beef programs, pasture management and feedback for farmers.

“It is a good feedback session for farmers to understand what is going on in the market and how to adapt their business going forward,” Mr Greenham said.

“It’s a good opportunity for our producers to ask questions directly to myself or the team, it’s an opportunity to present the best in practice, it gets people talking, thinking, and we can let people know about new technologies that are coming out.

“That was really the focus last year, on technology. This year it is really about animal health, animal welfare.”

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