Anglican churches on list

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Decision. St Paul’s Church and Hall in Stanley and St Bartholomew’s Church in Forest remain on the list of properties to be sold by the Anglican Church of Tasmania.

Stanley Discovery Museum, which is located in St Paul’s Hall will also be impacted by the sale.

The Diocesan Council, the governing body of the church, is selling properties owned by the church to cover $8 million in liability costs to survivors of sexual abuse in the church.

In June the Diocesan Council released a list of 107 properties including 76 churches to be sold to fund the redress.

Following community consultation and an appeal process, 34 properties were removed from the list.

The Anglican Bishop of Tasmania Richard Condie said it had been a “difficult process”.

“We recognise that our church buildings are important places and hold significant value, which is why we have listened to the desires and concerns of both parishes and the wider community,” he said.

“Similarly, we understand and respect how important access to cemeteries is for Tasmanians, particularly those in regional areas.

“Where churches with cemeteries are to be sold, it would be ideal for community groups to take on ownership and manage them for community use into the future.”

There are 51 churches remaining on the list, including 22 churches with cemeteries.

Established in 1904, St Bartholomew’s was closed two years ago while St Paul’s has a small congregation gathering fortnightly.

Bishop Condie said the church has “a strategic and staged approach” for the sale of properties.

“Our compassion for survivors of child sexual abuse in our organisation is the driver for the costly path the Anglican Church has embarked upon,” he said.

“This sacrifice expresses the church’s desire to provide a measure of restorative justice, recognition and support to survivors for the wrongs they have experienced by past leaders of the church.”

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