Ag shows and horses

It was disappointing to see a number of horses at Saturday’s show that were not carnival ready, putting their riders and the general public in danger.

I noted one horse dumped its young rider twice in as many minutes then reared almost over backwards.

There was another that refused all jumps, its rider continued to push an agitated 600-kilogram animal to its limits, once it had had enough it decided to buck until its rider was dismounted, then continued to run away through the ropes knocking several spectators over, bucking repeatedly over the top of a young child that was extremely lucky to get out unscathed – she potentially could have been killed.

To me it reflected extremely badly on the judges and stewards as these same five or six horses continued to play up all day, and yes all animals are unpredictable but you as the rider must be in control at all times.

I have worked in the cattle pavilion for many years and we often have animals that are agitated from the surroundings and as we did again this year, we remove them from the competition immediately.

If you intend to bring your horses to agricultural shows, it’s up to you to have them carnival ready.

Crighton Horton, Forest

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