Ag day in Smithton

The second annual National Ag Day was well attended locally, at the Circular Head Community and Recreation Centre.

Farming. Celebrations of all things agriculture took place on November 21 for National Agriculture Day.

A local event welcomed over 100 people for the evening, including dairy, potato, pea and bean farmers as well as logging transport drivers and silage contractors.

The organisers say they were delighted with the turnout considering so many farmers are out rushing to cut their silage between rains.

Australian farms added $60 billion to the national economy last year, according to a report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, and are our second largest export industry.

Each Australian farmer produces enough food to feed 600 people: 150 at home and 450 overseas. Australian farmers produce almost 93 per cent of Australia’s daily domestic food supply.

Tasmania makes a significant contribution to this output with more than a quarter of Tasmania’s total land area of 68,300 square kilometres committed to agriculture.

The north west makes an important contribution to the state’s agriculture, delivering a gross agricultural production value of $579 million, which was 39 per cent of the total gross value of agricultural production in Tasmania ($1.5 billion).

Andrew Busscher, of Smithton Tyres and Battery, co-host of the event along with Harvest Agricultural Tyres, says the event is an important one.

“Everyone in the area works hard all year – and Ag Day provides us with an opportunity to say thanks to our farming community for their contribution to the economy.

“Our role in the mix is to not only keep our customers’ equipment mobile but to look for ways we can ultimately help reduce their running costs via smarter application-based tyre use.”

John Woods from Harvest Tyres agrees: “Transport and agri-machinery is a vital contributor to the agricultural economy. This region has a story to tell that’s worth celebrating.”

At the event, attendees heard from newly appointed Deputy Mayor Norman Berechree and Ruth Fisher of Rural Alive and Well (RAW).

The organisers presented a cheque to the not-for-profit, which supports mental health wellness across regional Tasmania.

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