Adhere to all fire bans

Parks. Parks and Wildlife Service urges caution on the use of campfires this summer.

Being aware of fire conditions, restrictions in place and ensuring campfires are used and managed appropriately is an important way to reduce the risk of bushfires, says fire duty officer Eddie Staier.   

“If we are experiencing hot, dry and windy weather conditions it is likely that fire bans will be in place and campfires are not allowed under these conditions because of the risk of escape,” Mr Staier said.

“PWS staff are continually patrolling campgrounds and unfortunately we do find people having fires during fire bans, as well as fires left unattended or not put out properly.

“When temperatures rise and the wind increases, these campfires can reignite and cause dangerous bushfires.

“To put out a fire properly, douse it with sufficient water until the entire surface is cool enough to touch.”

During the holiday period PWS staff, including rangers, field staff and fire crews, will be actively patrolling areas where arsonists are known to be operating as well as popular campgrounds.

To find out about fire bans visit

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