A taste of the workforce

Learning opportunity: Smithton High School students (from left) Caleb Franks, Erica Quinn and Shenae Marthick share what they have learnt from their week of work experience. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Placement. Year 10 students at Smithton High School have completed their week-long work experience for 2016 in a range of workplaces.

Assistant principal Tim Dunham said the program is “exciting in that it allows students to see for themselves what the workforce is like, while also allowing them to achieve an assessment against the Grade 10 Work Studies curriculum”.

“This year 62 students took part and the feedback from both students and employers has been overwhelmingly positive,” he said.

Working alongside Grade 10 coordinator Josh Smith, the pair met with students individually to work out their intended pathways and discuss options they may like to explore.

A range of workplaces were chosen from hospitality and the automotive industry to early education to aged care. Some students travelled along the coast, while two others will travel to the mainland in term three for their chosen profession.

“We enormously value what the community provides for us,” Mr Dunham said.

“They willingly take on students for a week, provide feedback and an insight into the industry.”

He said the week allows students to represent their school and achieve a greater sense of what work is and see potential career pathways.

Circular Head Christian School students will take part in work experience in July.

Three Smithton High School students, Caleb Franks, Shenae Marthick and Erica Quinn, share where they spent their week and what they enjoyed most.

Caleb Franks

Where did you do work experience?

Smithton Veterinary Service

Tell us about the experience.

I helped the vets perform check-ups on the small animals, I watched them perform a surgery and I helped them prepare the heifers for artificial insemination.

I loved getting to see all of the animals and watching how the veterinarians operate on the animals.

I learnt what it is like to be a part of a workplace and how to treat basic injuries to animals.

Shenae Marthick

Where did you do work experience?

Smithton Primary School

Tell us about the experience.

I spent the week in a kinder/prep class with Miss Jessica Last.

I loved seeing such young people learning new things like writing their names and learning to read.

I was lucky enough to be able to take one of their handwriting classes, where I got to teach them how to write the letter ‘J’.

I tied a lot of shoelaces and read a lot of books.

I now know that to become an early childhood  teacher you have to be calm, have patience and be creative due to the majority of their learning being ‘play based’.

Erica Quinn

Where did you do work experience?

Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station

Tell us about the experience.

I spent the week out at the station getting an idea of what they do every day.

It was really interesting to see the number of different things that the scientists actually measure, as I didn’t realise before how involved what they do actually is.

I enjoyed seeing all the different measurements being taken and learning what they all mean.

I learnt lots of things about climate change and global warming, including the reason the old refrigerant gases were banned in the early 1990s by the Montreal Protocol (this was because they are ozone depleting).


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